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Contract Management

Leveraging our immense experience in consulting, project management, training and strategy development we have launched the contract management certification programme, aimed at all those who need to learn and implement contract management.

Who should attend...
The course is designed for anyone in a project management or operations role requiring working knowledge of Contract Law and Contract Management who wish to gain a broad understanding of contract management.

5 Years Project Management or involvement with projects is recommended. Those working in line organizations and handle purchase/procurement or are in senior management role would also find the course very useful.

The need for Contract management...
No organization can do everything on its own; it has to procure goods and services from other organizations to be able to efficiently execute its work. One of the major drawbacks of the functioning of many organizations has been the non-strategic approach to procurement coupled with convoluted procurement procedures, leading to delays and inefficiencies. As more companies adopt ‘5S’, ‘lean manufacturing’ and ‘Kaizen’ they realise that they need to restructure their procurement processes more efficiently. Structured training in ‘contract management’ is the way forward.

We help you to address this problem through a training programme on ‘contract management’. We have worked on this problem and developed the content and curriculum relevant to the global context. This course has been developed to improve project delivery performance as well as the operational performance and efficiency by increasing the knowledge and skills of project/operations and related staff in the areas of contract law and contract management. Using a combination of case study applications and discussions, the course will address the management techniques, processes and also the soft-skills necessary to effectively deliver projects/ handle operations in a contractual environment.

Delivery of the module...
Faculty contact spread over 4 working days followed by an examination at the end of the fourth day. The approach also includes discussion on e-procurement with practical tips, discussion on contract financing including various PPP models and case study discussions, negotiation and an understanding of the GFR.

What you would learn in the Programme

Legal Aspects of Contracts
  • Essentials of agreement
  • Essentials of valid contracts
  • Bailment,
  • Pledge
  • Pawning
  • Indemnity
  • Guarantee to contracts and agreements
  • Concept of Agency and its relevance to contracts and tenders
  • Breach of Contract – dispute settlement
  • Prerequisites in an agreement – clauses
Managerial Aspects of Contracts
  • The concept risk sharing between buyer and seller
  • Importance of clarity of scope
  • Various types of contract to cater for different levels of risk and clarity of scope
While the international trainings and certifications are expensive and generally available only on-line, our curriculum is of international standard while being tailored to cater to the Indian context.

Comparative Advantage of our Contract Management Certification
The training and content is at par with international certifications and yet it costs about a fourth of the cost of similar training and certifications.
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