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Client Speaks
"I really like the idea of planting a thought/ idea before each break. It really gives time to think that over and last long.."

Cutting Edge, Club Patio, Gurgaon
17th - 18th October,2013

"It is an eye opening session. Nicely wrapped around day to day life (Personal & Professional) and easy to learn and remember."

Cutting Edge, Club Patio, Gurgaon
23rd - 24th September, 2013

"Such trainings are very encouraging & vital to the development of the employees and the organization."

Class By SITA, Gurgaon
3rd August, 2013

"The way and ideas; of teaching was awesome. Maintaining interest and friendly behavior and approachable."

Class By SITA, Vanaashrya
14th - 16th May, 2013

"The way of presenting, speech as well as teaching techniques are really attractive. Well prepared! Lots of examples and experiential learnings are really appreciable. I believe Class By Sita is really awesome programme which help me to change and go ahead in future effectively."

Class By SITA, Nepal
12th - 14th June, 2013

"Examples shared in the training were superb. Trainer's technique and storytelling way is different."

Organisational Excellence, MPCON
1st - 2nd Feburary

"I have never attended this type of training earlier."

Team Bonding, Faurecia Gurgaon
17th January, 2013

"The trainer is fantastic and motivational beyond doubt" and "Excellent experience to have during my 50yrs. of service period."

Organisational Excellence, DTTDC, New Delhi
29th -30th July & 1st - 2nd August'2013

"Training is excellent, the best; I have ever got! - Masahiro Yamada Deputy Managing Director of Somic ZF"

Organisational Excellence, Somic ZF, Gurgaon
25 - 26th Oct, 2013
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