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Leveraging our immense experience in project appraisal, funding and management, we have launched the project management certification programme, aimed at all those who need to learn and implement project management, i.e. PSUs and central and state government departments, Pvt. Sector, NGOS and Engineering & MBA students.

What the course offers...
Working knowledge of project management covering both the hard aspects of tools, systems and processes as well as the softer elements of leadership, teamwork, communication and ethics in the backdrop of management of risk, finances and often conflicting stakeholder interests. The course is especially relevant to the Indian context and vetted by experts.

The need for project management...
The nation is on the cusp of a new trajectory of growth…this is the time that we need to deliver on a slew of projects to ensure continued and accelerated growth and employment generation that will deliver us the future that we dream for ourselves and our children. At the same time we cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past….our past projects were often plagued with time and cost overruns of enormous proportions…as a nation, as a society…we must demand and get efficiency in the way we plan and implement fact we need to build up a project mindset in all the spheres of work.

Delivery of the module...
Faculty contact spread over 4 working days followed by an examination at the end of the fourth day.

Advantages of Project Management Training
  • Improves one's capability to deliver products and services faster, cheaper & better.
  • Ensures that you have standards by which project performance can be measured.
  • Provides confidence to clients and demonstrates your ability to manage projects effectively.
  • Individuals enhance their confidence in their project management and general business knowledge .
  • The training directly translates to an improved bottom line of the organization.
While the international certifications focus only on managing the projects, our curriculum not only covers the management of projects in detail, additionally it covers the contextual aspects of projects..the ecosystem, and also lays emphasis on the behavioral aspects. The Project Management Training covers all the 10 popular knowledge areas along with the 5 Process Groups and the 48 Processes traditionally taught in project management; emphasis is laid on Integration Mgt, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, HR Management, Communication Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management and Stakeholder Management.

Comparative Advantage of our Project Management Certification
The training and content is at par with international certifications and yet it costs about a fourth of the cost of similar training and certifications..
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