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Organisation Excellence Training Program

The "Organisational Excellence" program is about exciting and enthusing employees in the organization to achieve excellence in their professional as well as personal lives. It aims at creating energy in teams as well as stresses on the importance of changing and updating with times to maintain relevancy and vibrancy in any setup. Feedback from individuals and organizations who have undertaken this program has strongly suggested that participants' "connect" with each other, with the organization and with their customers, has vastly improved, resulting in an energized and motivated workforce, and off course "Improved Business Performance". The main themes covered in the program are:

Training Objectives
  • Accepting and "being" the change.
  • Planning and setting SMART goals for improved performance.
  • Improve Team Dynamics and bonding
  • Implement processes for efficiency and consistency and "de-bottlenecking"
  • Self development and updation as an integral part of life
  • Brand building and Customer connect

Conduct & Methodology
The program is conducted over two days as a workshop with a mix of eight indoor and outdoor sessions. The unique blend of theoretical inputs, audio-visuals, indoor and outdoor activities and "Story Telling" sessions has a memorable impact on the audience. The inbuilt follow-up mechanism ensures longevity of the learning experience. The program also helps individuals and teams to develop an actionable agenda which can be implemented in their personal and professional lives for creating overall excellence.

Motivational Pack
  • Story Telling Model to break ice and create an environment of learning.
  • This gets followed by need to understand the Self Start vs. Kick Start Models.
  • Exposure to success formats.
  • Old Man Syndrome.
  • Power of Thoughts - move the dot.
  • F - Three: P - Three to break comfort and fear zones.
  • Controlled Aggression.

Training Methodology: Indoor sessions, Videos and Storytelling and games and self exercises
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