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Facilitating Transformations
The Cutting Edge

A program to equip the "critical" Middle management with the clarity and focus to cut through the complexities of everyday work life.
For Individuals who have moved from execution to directing/organising execution.

Identifies the key element or skill areas for these roles as
  • Awareness of Personal/Professional paradigms (Assumptions/outlook to life)
  • Communication and influencing styles
  • People Management & Development
  • Planning
  • Process Orientation
  • Metrics
Not as much about knowing but about application in a simple and effective manner.

Provides simple frameworks that participants can practice at their workplace and come back and discuss their challenges with their peer group.

Methodology is based on experiential learning with engagement of all senses through a Tell-Show-Do model

Heavy use of Audio-Visual aids, storytelling, role plays, outdoor as well as indoor activities, case studies, individual & group assignments and recommended readings.

The name Cutting Edge is adapted from the famous Greek legend of "Alexander and the Gordian Knot" - which goes as follows :

In Greek legend, the Gordian knot was the name given to an intricate knot used by Gordius to secure his oxcart. Gordius, who was a poor peasant, arrived with his wife in a public square of Phrygia in an oxcart. An oracle had informed the populace that their future king would come riding in a wagon. Seeing Gordius, the people made him king. In gratitude, Gordius dedicated his oxcart to Zeus, tying it up with a peculiar knot. An oracle foretold that he who untied the knot would rule all of Asia.

Many people tried to undo the knot but all to no avail.

In 333 B.C. Alexander the Great had invaded Asia Minor and arrived in the central mountains at the town of Gordium; he was 23. Undefeated, but without a decisive victory either, he was in need of an omen to prove to his troops and his enemies that the outcome of his mission - to conquer the known world - was possible.

In Gordium, by the Temple of the Zeus Basilica, was the ox cart, which had been put there by the King of Phrygia over 100 years before. The staves of the cart were tied together in a complex knot with the ends tucked away inside.

Having arrived at Gordium it was inconceivable that the young, impetuous King would not tackle the legendary "Gordian Knot".

Alexander climbed the hill and approached the cart as a crowd of curious Macedonians and Phrygians gathered around. They watched intently as Alexander struggled with the knot and became frustrated.

Alexander, stepping back, called out, "What does it matter how I loosen it?" With that, he drew his sword, and in one powerful stroke severed the knot.

That night there was a huge electrical storm, which the seers conveniently interpreted to mean the gods were pleased with the actions of this so-called Son of Zeus who had cut the Gordian knot.

"Cutting Edge" is about cutting through the complexities of everyday life with the clarity and focus that Alexander showed in loosening the Gordian Knot !

The program seeks to give exposure to middle level of management over various facets of individual development as leaders and managers of teams to help prepare them for handling progressively higher responsibilities in the organization. Through this focused effort, it is envisaged to develop and retain young, high potential managers and nurture a culture of meritocracy and professionalism.

A long term engagement (6 - 8 months) is sought to periodically reinforce the various elements in the program and to handhold the participants in development and growth over the period. The training sessions would be a mix of indoor and outdoor activities as well as small group sessions of 3-4 participants and periodic projects / assignments as well as own time suggested readings and training films to reinforce learning.

The structure of the program is as follows:
Session I Influencing People  
Module 1 Identifying aim and Mission Statement 4 hrs
Module 2 Transactional vs Transformational Communication 12 hrs
Session II People Development  
Module 3 People Development 8 hrs
Module 4 Team formation and group dynamics 8 hrs
Session III Working to a Plan & Work Place Processes  
Module 5 Planning at Work - Business Planning 8 hrs
Module 6 Process Orientation - Work Place processes & removing bottlenecks 8 hrs
Session IV Performance Metrics and Personnel Effectiveness  
Module 7 Metrics and their application at work 8 hrs
Module 8 Personal Effectiveness 8 hrs
Session V Dynamic Obstacles 16 hrs
Session VI Self Alignment and Graduation 16 hrs

Why Cutting Edge

Today managers have three key challenges
  • Rapidly Changing Business Environments
  • Complex Work Places
  • Abundance of information that is available to all.
Successful Managers are those who are equipped with
  • A clear outlook that is
    • More fact oriented rather than opinion oriented.
    • Able to spot learning opportunities in experiences
  • Frameworks that help to sort workplace complexities into simpler solvable structures
  • Support in establishing ways to put knowledge into practice.
Cutting Edge Provides opportunities to
  • Understand one's own paradigms in the above functional Areas
  • Introduce Frameworks to assist with situations at the work place
  • Discuss these paradigms with the peer group and choose the most appropriate frameworks that work for the individual,
  • Practice them at their workplace and come back to discuss challenges with the peer group.
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