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Junior Leaders Programme

The Junior Leaders Program is designed to provide the inputs and skills to those who have or are about to take the first step away from merely managing themselves to managing others as they are the people who convert the organization policy to effective action.

The programme consists of 8 modules covering areas of self-management, effective communication, people management and processes. Each module is preceded and succeeded by assignments to have an effective and running evaluation of the participants through the course of the programme.

Leadership and Management (LnM)

In the dynamic and fast changing business environment of today it is the planning ability of the middle management and executing ability of the junior management that differentiates a successful organization from the clutter.

LnM looks at the whole gamut of work from the angle of the 'Self', 'Relationship' and 'Responsibilities' from two angles - The most 'appropriate attitudes' (Leadership) and the most' useful skills'(Management) to have.

The Leadership and Management programme consists of 8 modules with each module 10-15 days apart and treated as a workshop rather than a training session. The structure is such to assist maximum retention and self-assessment in terms of adaptation into daily routines.

High-performance Teams: The TEAM-UP Programme

A group welds into a team either in the face of external pressure (common threat or enemy or challenge or internal cohesion (attraction, need, purpose).

TEAM-UP is a flexible program designed to build and maintain short and long term teams, while enhancing lateral communication. The activities (fun, serious and adventurous) are designed to bring external pressure on the group as well as provide opportunities for discovering common interests and ways of working together successfully.

The programme and its activities can be indoors/outdoors, one day/multiple days, based on client's requirements.

Virtual Teams: The "Collab" Programme

Organizations today are faced with the need for collaborative efforts, amongst various departments/ branches and even other organizations, in multiple situations.

The "Collab" is a series of guided discussions with a few experiential activities that bring out hidden expectations and elevate simple cooperation agreements into collaborative activities where units or organizations are able to give and get the best from each other.

Can be conducted both indoors and outdoors based on client's requirements.

Communication - Basic and Advanced

The successful people are the ones who choose the effect of their communication. This program offers scope to develop communication at various levels.

Basic communication - This programme is aimed at making communication effective. It deals with communication skills of language, verbal and non-verbal communication, etiquettes to be used in face-to-face and telephonic communication as well as listening skills inputs and effective listening techniques. Options in modules include How to Succeed in Interviews, Accent Neutralization and Telephone etiquettes.

Advanced Communication - This programme is aimed at making communication influential. The training involves knowledge inputs, case studies and observational assignments with choices in modules including Making Presentations, Handling Meetings, Providing Feedback using Communication to Motivate and Internal Correspondence.

Two modules at least a week apart.

Dynamic Obstacles & fun

This is rather a tool catering to the dynamic life of today where one seldom gets a chance to plan and make decisions in a calm constant environment. The activities are designed to engage the participants in planning and execution of their plan in light of an objective and a set of resources, conditions for utilizing the resources and working. The rules are subject to change without notice forcing participants to think on their feet. It is a very useful tool for fostering creative problem solving skills. Dynamic obstacles can be used for developing planning, problem solving and execution skills. It is also a very effective tool for Developing Team Spirit and Leadership qualities.
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